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Facebook marketing, which also includes advertising on Instagram, allows you to accurately target your audience with personalized ads

Facebook marketing Instagram marketing

Facebook marketing Instagram marketing

Advertising on Facebook is a very effective channel for companies engaged in online sales, and offers B2B companies many opportunities to gain quality leads.

  • Asset 1 Target audience
  • Asset 1 Most users
  • Asset 1 Personalized ads
  • Asset 1 Increase sales

Facebook marketing

Facebook as a platform with the most active users offers great reach. With Facebook ads, we can reach our target audience based on demographics, interests, different behavioral patterns, or re-address site visitors. With the settings in Facebook Ads Manager, we can target users in different phases of the sales funnel, and by testing and optimizing campaigns, we can ensure the best possible advertising revenue. We also run Instagram advertising on the same platform or display ads on Messenger and associated web applications.

Facebook marketing Instagram marketing Webtim

What does the process of facebook and instagram advertising
look like?


1. Current state overview

By reviewing your operations and existing activities, we identify the causes of your problems.


2. Strategy and planning

In line with your company’s goals we prepare a modern and communicatively suitable and effective Facebook marketing plan.


3. Start

We design and set up ads that will appear on the desired sites.


4. Responsiveness monitoring

We monitor and edit the performance of your ads.


5. Growth

We help and advise on the further development of your company.

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